Proficiency Testing and other Comparisons for Laboratories

Interlaboratory comparison (ILC) and proficiency testing (PT) represent significant elements in the integrated evaluation of the technical competence of laboratories.
SNAS considers the participation of laboratories in ILC and PT projects as an important means of verification of the fulfilment of accreditation criteria of accredited laboratories.

In connection with ILC and PT SNAS has issued several documents, such as PL-23 and MSA-L/08 to check activities in this field.

SNAS requires laboratories to take an active part in ILC and PT projects organised in Slovakia or on an international level by EA, or by other accreditation systems in compliance with the applicable EA regulations.

In cases where proficiency testing is impractical, SNAS has accepted rules for ensuring the acceptable level of measurement traceability as declared in MSA-L/08.


Proficiency Testing (PT) Providers accredited by Slovak National Accreditation Service:

Výskumný ústav vodného hospodárstva (VUVH) -

Slovenská legálna metrológia (SLM) -

The Union of Construction Laboratory Specialists of Bulgaria (UCLSB) -





Current international projects for proficiency testing (PT) and interlaboratory comparisions (ILC) - for testing, examining and calibration

Organizer Program Information Comment List of PT programs
Fine Finish Proficiency Testing Provider List of PT programs Program: Program'
Registration Form: Registration
Contract: Contract'
CompaLab List of PT programs
Studio D – akustika s.r.o. PT and seminars with topic: Akustic Registration Forms:
DRRR GmbH List of PT programs and in Online Data Information Network
iis - Institute for Interlaboratory Studies Spijkenisse, The Netherlands List of PT programs
Umweltbundesamt GmbH PT pre CHC (Chlorinated hydrocarbons) a BTEX Proficiency testing scheme 2018, Annual Programme 2018, Registration
B.I.P.E.A. Proficiency Testing provider PT for laboratories
Technical University in Košice, the Faculty of Machinery, Environmentalistic Department ILC in the field of physical environment factors
Národné referenčné centrum pre organizovanie medzilaboratórnych porovnávacích skúšok v oblasti potravín List of PT programs
Proficiency Testing Australia (PTA) List of PT programs
Státní zdravotní ústav, Expetní skupia pro zkoušení způsobilosti, Šrobárova 48, 100 42 Praha 10 PT - External, internal and working atmoshere. Genetics. Water analysis, sampling.
ILT – Interlaboratory Test List of PT programs
CSlab List of PT programs
Calibrium ILC for testing laboratories in building industry
LGC, Quality Management (QM) a Aquacheck List of PT programs ; accredited organizers
Sigma-Aldrich RTC List of PT programs accredited provider of environmental PT programs according to ISO/IEC 17043
Český metrologický institut List of PT programs accredited ILC organizer
NMi List of PT programs accredited ILC organizer
ATG s.r.o. List of PT programs accredited PT organizer for NDT laboratories
China NIL Research Center for Proficiency Testing List of PT programs
ORGREZ, a.s. List of PT programs accredited PT organizer
Przedsiębiorstwo Geologiczne Sp. z o.o. List of PT programs